Where to Get an Otoscope

Buy an OtoscopeAs savvy shoppers, we all want to save money on our purchases. Thankfully the internet allows us to compare prices on many of the products which we use every day. Otoscopes are no different as many different retailers sell these important home medical devices and the prices can vary greatly from one store to another. So let’s take a look at how you can save the most money on your otoscope purchase.

Many of the otoscope models available on our website are heavily discounted. Some of these discounts include special promotions such as free shipping. Although we would prefer you that you buy your new otoscope from us, which you may do by clicking the image to your upper right, you may also visit a specialized otoscope retailer like Otoscoped. Either way, you will find the best prices online for your home medical equipment when visiting our website.

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Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set Review

Welch Allyn WEL97150-M Diagnostic SetThe next time you see your doctor, and they perform some basic diagnostic tests and evaluations on you, pay close attention to the otoscope he or she uses. Chances are the otoscope your doctor uses to examine your ears is made by Welch Allyn.

Considering that so many health care professionals around the world trust in Welch Allyn diagnostic instruments, it’s no surprise that their otoscopes have found their way into homes as well. One of the most popular Welch Allyn diagnostic sets sold today is the WEL97150-M model. This diagnostic set includes not only an otoscope, but also an ophthalmoscope.

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Dr. Mom Otoscope Review

Dr. Mom OtoscopeThis Dr. Mom slimline pocket otoscope is truly one of the best selling models in the United States. Typically purchased by parents, this model offers an affordable way for parents to safely examine their child’s ears at home.  Although this instrument is often used by parents, as the “Doctor Mom” name would imply, rest assured that this otoscope is designed to examine ears of any size.

The main benefits of this otoscope are both price and reliability. This unit is powered by two AAA batteries and utilizes a LED bulb for the light source. The primary advantages of this type of bulb include its long life and resistance to damage should the otoscope be accidentally dropped. Especially for parents, that have fidgety children, having durable medical diagnostic equipment in the home is always an added plus.

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What Is An Otoscope?

OtoscopeAn otoscope is a medical instrument that is used to look inside of the ears. Medical care professionals use otoscopes to perform examinations that identify illnesses and disorders of the ear during routine examinations. Also, physicians use an otoscope to examine a patient’s ears when the patient describes symptoms of pain, pressure or other discomfort of the ear. Using an otoscope, it is possible to safely enter the ear canal to perform a thorough examination that can lead to an accurate diagnosis.

Otoscopes consist of a handle and a head. The head is comprised of a light source and a specially designed magnifying lens, typically rated at eight diopters. The distal (front) end of the otoscope, which is designed to enter the ear canal, has an attachment for reusable or disposable ear specula. The specula is important as it prevents the transfer of infection from patient to patient by ensuring that the instrument is indeed sterile when it enters the ear canal.

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